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Who am I?

Hi there, my name is Tye​ (she/they) and I am a queer neurodivergent doula based in Bristol.

I live with my partner and our two huskitas in a house that has an ever-growing number of plants and teacups. When I am not getting stuck into all things birth, I enjoy cooking vegan food, running, learning new things, watching live music, and listening to true-crime and history podcasts.

The first time I was asked to be a birth partner I was 16 years-old. I remember feeling honoured to be thought of as both a safe pair of hands and a trusted witness despite my age.


The desire to support people as they move into parenthood never went away - this led me to train as a birth and postpartum doula with Continuum Doulas in July 2023. 


I continue to learn more about pregnancy and parenting from a variety of different perspectives and sources, and I am eager to share this knowledge with clients. 


Each day I am so thankful that this wonderful vocation exists and that we as doulas get to provide support and care during one of the most pivotal moments in a person's life. 

The full moon has long been seen as a symbol of awareness, emotional mastery and transformation. So let's go on this journey of transformation together! 

Also for those who are astrologically curious, I'm a Libra sun, Cancer rising and Aries moon. I was also born under a full moon, hence the name The Full Moon Doula. 

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